I'm Doug Scott, a long-time wilderness advocate.
I maintain this site as a resource for grassroots wilderness activists and groups, agency wilderness stewards, teachers, and researchers.
I will include commentary on the progress of each wilderness-designation law through Congress, links to other useful wilderness resources, and commentary of daily news items referring to our wilderness heritage.

Wild Thoughts: Great Writing About Wilderness

These quotes are drawn from Doug's newest book, Wild Thoughts: Short Selections by Great Writers about Nature, Wilderness, and the People Who Protect Them, to be published in October 2016. Come back to this site often for more Wild Thoughts thought to in your work for designation of more wilderness areas and stewardship of those already protected.

If This Land Be Not Rich, Then Is the Whole Earth Poor

In the month of June, . . . 1622, it was my chance to arrive in the parts of New England with 30 servants and provisions of all sorts fit for a plantation; and while our houses were building, I did endeavor to take a survey of the country. The more I looked, the more I liked it.

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